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Unit Tests (Individual)

For unit testing i decided to go with Eclipses’ included Junit 5 for testing. The library is now added in my project, and it can be used in the case of the implementation i used by importing the Junit.assert.asserequals function to check if a message is displayed correctly.

The following is a list about how to go on with writing on junit 5

My github repository that’ll be used for the class is the following aswell:

Kent Beck Audio

The following is a review of a podcast done by “Scott Hanselman” on collaboration with “Kent Beck”. This is my interpretation and reflection of what i thought was interesting in the interview heard on the podcast.

Although the podcast was a bit longer than i had expected in the beginning it was quite satisfactory to listen to (although a bit heavy). As someone who never ever heard or read much about Kent Beck beforehand, listening to him about ho he talked about how he enjoyed making “nerds” feel more comfortable.

Kent Beck talks about testing and committing/reverting changes which is a theme that interested me a lot as i have been through this. What I meant previously refers means that the programmer updates a lot of code, and when it fails whilst testing all changes are reverted and everything is lost. I enjoyed hearing about the “test, commit, revert” workflow, in which not so much work is destroyed because it es made in a way so that a programmer only makes small changes before testing, leading to much less destruction of code and ideas.

In general i thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and even though i didn’t quire learn anything new it was pleasing to hear alternatives to the way I’ve been working so far.

Week 3 update

As we continue learning from the “Mobile device application development” course, we are planning how we are going to go about the development of the project.

The topics covered this week were all about changing activities/views and the general usage of databases. As such we are currently researching the appropriate database that will be needed for storing the intended data our users will be providing. As of right now, because of ease of use and because it is the database well be using for the general class will be SQLite. If a change is needed or a different database is selected for the project, said change will be documented in a future blog update.

Week 2 Update

Stated in the general plan, this weeks team assignment was to investigate connectivity with the api’s of all of the websites we’re thinking of linking for the application.

The investigation about the general workings of the api’s has been done, and assuming the documentation in all the websites is correct, we shouldn’t have an issue in developing the envisioned project.

What the previous paragraph sums up  is that the progress is going according to plan, and the research has been done. Whats left is to test if everything works accordingly.

Post #TC3045

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Iungo Project Week Plan

We have determined to do a joint project between “Mobile device application development”, and “Software Quality and Testing”. This means both projects will be done in parallel.

The idea for the project in mobiles is a platform on android that allows the combination and synchronization of events (such as homeworks, quizzes etc… ) on multiple educational platforms i.e. : “Google Classroom”, “Blackboard”, “Canvas”, “Schoology” etc…

The name of the project has been determined to be called “Project Iungo”, Iungo meaning connect in latin, as our intention is to connect multiple of the school oriented platforms out there for a simpler and more organized way to manage schoolwork.

The previous will be done by investigating and learning the way in which the api for each of these websites works, and join them in a single simple to use platform. There’ll be a calendar in which the assignments’ due dates will appear, as well as push notifications sent at a time specified by the user.

As such, all of the quality assurance and testing will be documented, and used as the entry for the final project for the Quality and Testing class.

Week 1 the general goal will be investigating how all the apis for the respective platforms are used. After that planning in the correct path to take will be determined.

Week 2 will be used for creating mockups, meaning the general look of the app will be designed and drawn with a heavy focus in making it simple to use for the end user.

Weeks 4-13 will be used mostly for coding such that the project will look nice and function in the correct and expected manner. Testing will also be done as to verify everything is working as expected.

weeks 14-15 will primarily be used for testing, such that most if not all the issues the code and app may have are totally fixed and the end user may enjoy our app.


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