There were many things i liked about the “Software Quality and Testing”course and some i dislike. In this case I’ll start with some of the things I disliked about it.

I really didn’t enjoy the length of the course, meaning that I don’t think it was really necessary to have to take this course to times a week with 3 hours each of the classes. i think the course should’ve had a regular extension like all the other classes that I have taken throughout my time in the Tec de Monterrey. The other thing i didn’t really like was that most of the course was focused on reading the book, whilst this made it so that assistance wasn’t truly necessary,  it did make the class a bit more mundane.

For what i liked, i really enjoy taking classes with the flipped learning style, as they give us a bit more freedom than most other classes do. Making it up to the student on what he or she has and wants to learn. Also i really enjoyed some things about the class, such as all the DevOps assignments. The previously mentioned assignments at first gave me a lot of boredom but when I started doing them i found out they gave me quite a bit of joy and i learned much about them.

In the end i did enjoy taking this class, and i hope to be taking more classes imparted by Ken Bauer.

Thank you very much for the class, Ken.