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Software Quality and Testing


May 2019

Course Evaluation

There were many things i liked about the “Software Quality and Testing”course and some i dislike. In this case I’ll start with some of the things I disliked about it.

I really didn’t enjoy the length of the course, meaning that I don’t think it was really necessary to have to take this course to times a week with 3 hours each of the classes. i think the course should’ve had a regular extension like all the other classes that I have taken throughout my time in the Tec de Monterrey. The other thing i didn’t really like was that most of the course was focused on reading the book, whilst this made it so that assistance wasn’t truly necessary,  it did make the class a bit more mundane.

For what i liked, i really enjoy taking classes with the flipped learning style, as they give us a bit more freedom than most other classes do. Making it up to the student on what he or she has and wants to learn. Also i really enjoyed some things about the class, such as all the DevOps assignments. The previously mentioned assignments at first gave me a lot of boredom but when I started doing them i found out they gave me quite a bit of joy and i learned much about them.

In the end i did enjoy taking this class, and i hope to be taking more classes imparted by Ken Bauer.

Thank you very much for the class, Ken.

DevOps part 5, Reflection

Finally, this is the last DevOps assignment, is what i thought upon reading what the assignment entailed. I’ve been working learning and changing many things i knew about regular development throughout the progress of doing these assignments.

I really already knew all of the things that were assigned with these practices, but I never did actually use them at all. Well, the previous was until I started the assignments. I learned the actual importance of automation, not only for testing, but also for mundane tasks such as checking changes on a git/GitHub repository.

With the realization of the use of automation, tasks that seemed easy but time consuming now were completely gone, as they could be done automatically without any need to lose time over them.

I gained appreciation for so many things whilst working with the DevOps assignments, and the overall values of team working in not only work but everyday tasks.

On Blogging

For me blogging has been a complicated thing because i don’t really like the idea of making my ideas and my general life out there in the internet (even though it is already there through social media). The previous is the big reason of why blogs aren’t really my favourite thing to do.

Now in relation to Ana’s blog, I find it truly amazing that she can have the valor to post about herself on blogs online and even more so because she’s been writing since the early 2000s.  How Ana describes it, it seems to be a dying art, something of the past. Still though and as I said before, it is quite impresive for someone to freely speak their mind on the internet.

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