The following is a review of a podcast done by “Scott Hanselman” on collaboration with “Kent Beck”. This is my interpretation and reflection of what i thought was interesting in the interview heard on the podcast.

Although the podcast was a bit longer than i had expected in the beginning it was quite satisfactory to listen to (although a bit heavy). As someone who never ever heard or read much about Kent Beck beforehand, listening to him about ho he talked about how he enjoyed making “nerds” feel more comfortable.

Kent Beck talks about testing and committing/reverting changes which is a theme that interested me a lot as i have been through this. What I meant previously refers means that the programmer updates a lot of code, and when it fails whilst testing all changes are reverted and everything is lost. I enjoyed hearing about the “test, commit, revert” workflow, in which not so much work is destroyed because it es made in a way so that a programmer only makes small changes before testing, leading to much less destruction of code and ideas.

In general i thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and even though i didn’t quire learn anything new it was pleasing to hear alternatives to the way I’ve been working so far.