We have determined to do a joint project between “Mobile device application development”, and “Software Quality and Testing”. This means both projects will be done in parallel.

The idea for the project in mobiles is a platform on android that allows the combination and synchronization of events (such as homeworks, quizzes etc… ) on multiple educational platforms i.e. : “Google Classroom”, “Blackboard”, “Canvas”, “Schoology” etc…

The name of the project has been determined to be called “Project Iungo”, Iungo meaning connect in latin, as our intention is to connect multiple of the school oriented platforms out there for a simpler and more organized way to manage schoolwork.

The previous will be done by investigating and learning the way in which the api for each of these websites works, and join them in a single simple to use platform. There’ll be a calendar in which the assignments’ due dates will appear, as well as push notifications sent at a time specified by the user.

As such, all of the quality assurance and testing will be documented, and used as the entry for the final project for the Quality and Testing class.

Week 1 the general goal will be investigating how all the apis for the respective platforms are used. After that planning in the correct path to take will be determined.

Week 2 will be used for creating mockups, meaning the general look of the app will be designed and drawn with a heavy focus in making it simple to use for the end user.

Weeks 4-13 will be used mostly for coding such that the project will look nice and function in the correct and expected manner. Testing will also be done as to verify everything is working as expected.

weeks 14-15 will primarily be used for testing, such that most if not all the issues the code and app may have are totally fixed and the end user may enjoy our app.